Pain Fuels Our Growth

Posted by on Feb 2, 2013 in Blog, Grief and Loss

Pain Fuels Our Growth

Inevitably throughout our life we will encounter hardship, situations that will test both our strength and faith. Despite what challenges we are faced with, we have within us everything we need to survive and overcome these obstacles. Life isn’t always easy, but our pain fuels our growth. Hardship is merely a means to learn and grow. Every day is an awakening on our journey.

It is my hope that through my journey, others suffering from grief or struggling with difficult times will realize that faith in God will give them the strength and courage to overcome life’s adversities and grow spiritually.

I hope to offer strength and encouragement through the understanding and faith I have gained from my experience. Through my faith I have come to accept the answers aren’t always going to be there in a way I can understand. I no longer carry the same weight and sadness that I once did. I have found peace. I know with certainty that eternal life is real. I know our loved ones are in Heaven, experiencing a beauty and a sheer bliss beyond what we are even capable of imagining.

I no longer live in fear of anything. I realize pain is temporary and I know I have survived a pain deeper than I ever imagined. I recognize there is no such thing as a pain free life. I have learned to be grateful for pain and all it can teach you. Now that I am no longer afraid, I think I have truly started to live. I freely walk the world and see its beauty.

As for Brooke, she’s right here, closer than ever. Were connected on a deeper level that I didn’t understand before. Amazingly I think she did! Neither of us would want to undo what happened even if we could. I know Brooke is where she wants to be and together the people we have helped and the difference we have made has been profound. I wouldn’t want to be the person I was before I grew to become who I am today. Besides, this life is just a quick stop, a temporary home and then we have together forever where we will all be reunited again for eternity.


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