A Mother’s Journey

A Mother’s Journey


“What was it like to die?” writes Jennifer Scalise in the first chapter of her first work of nonfiction, A Mother’s Journey of Love, Loss, & Life Beyond, a shattering, yet powerful story about the tragic accident that not only took her daughter’s life, but triggered an aftermath of staggering events that have challenged her strength and spirit, captured the hearts of complete strangers, and make it nearly impossible for anyone to doubt that there is life after death.

As she soaks in one of the last days on what has been a perfect family vacation in Costa Rica, Jennifer Scalise has no idea that she is about to come face-to-face with an incomprehensible tragedy that will claim the life of her 12-year-old daughter, Brooke. Tormented by a heartless foreign government as she bears the agony of her child’s death and the catastrophic circumstances surrounding it, Jennifer suffers a loss greater than most can fathom. Consumed in darkness, she fights to find peace for the sake of her two surviving children, Blake and Paige.

In the days that follow, hidden discoveries and a series of simultaneous events too parallel to be deemed coincidence reveal that Brooke’s life had a greater purpose and her soul had been preparing for the journey home. As she begins to unravel her daughter’s messages, somewhere between conviction and proof, Jennifer finds an unshakable faith in eternal life and serenity in knowing Brooke remains by her side with a love unabridged by death.

A Mother’s Journey is a true-life story that will touch the very core of your soul, awaken your faith and reaffirm your beliefs in eternal life. There is no doubt Brooke’s life has a divine purpose. As you learn about Brooke and her profound relationship with Christ  – a deep love that came from within not molded by her upbringing – you can’t help but feel inspired. Her worship journal, letters to God, and various other writings demonstrate her unselfish love for all. Brooke’s love for God, so intense one can clearly see she is fulfilling her destiny in life, what God had planned for her as His child all along.

Although Jennifer struggled with the loss of her child, she goes on to find tremendous peace in knowing her daughter’s life was destined to be a sign of hope and faith for so many.